Here are answers to some frequently asked questions that may be of value to you.
  • Can your Court reporter administer an oath to a Deponent in a US Civil Court Matter?

    Customarily, if both parties agree, then the UK reporter can administer the oath. If a Notary Public is required to administer the oath, we can arrange it on your behalf.

  • Should scheduling attorney call EDS to reconfirm a deposition?

    No, we automatically call on all depositions scheduled the day before the deposition is scheduled. Of course, if the attorney has a deposition scheduled on the calendar and you have not heard from us to reconfirm, please call immediately.

  • If ordering attorney wants a real-time reporter, does attorney need to request one in advance?

    Yes, in fact many states require that advance notice be given to opposing counsel of the intent to use real-time.

  • Do you have ‘on the ground’ support?

    Yes we do, unlike US Court reporting firms, who say they have offices in Europe, when they have PO boxes. We are open from 7 am till 12pm 7 days a week , providing immediate help and support to Paralegals with Document production or any other need, however small.

  • How can you contact us in an emergency 24/7?

    You can contact us 24/7 on either +44 207 385 0077 or cell phone +447956 188480 for an immediate response. You can also email us at: info@european-depositions.com and expect us to respond within 20 minutes.

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“I have used European Deposition Services exclusively for all of our depositions in Europe since I discovered them many years ago. Simon Rutson and his team of experts have never let us down and always provided excellent quality.”

Steven HemmingerPartner, White & Case LLP (Palo Alto, CALIFORNIA)

“European Depositions have covered a large number of depositions for me.  I do a lot of work in the area of international judicial assistance and they are my ‘go to’ outfit for court reporting and videography.  I also recommend them to US law firms when I am asked for someone to provide those services.  They are very flexible in terms of providing what I or the client wants and very well equipped.  I have no hesitation in using them.”

Steven LobleLitigation Director, W Legal Limited

“I have and continue to use European Deposition services for court reporting and video deposition support in major international litigations, both in England and in Asia. EDS are consummate professionals, they coordinate effectively with US lawyers and the high quality of their video work guarantees effective trial presentations.”

Phillip A. GeraciPartner, Arnold & Porter (NEW YORK)

“We always recommend our American colleagues to use EDS. They provide a first class team that are unfazed by the sometimes strong and unfamiliar accents European Witnesses proffer to an American ear.”

Federico ParrinelloParrinello & Partners (Milan)

“European Deposition Services is our choice for videographers. They are always on time, professional and accommodating. They’re great!”