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European Deposition Services

We cover London, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Rome, Brussels, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Malmo, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Ankara, Tel Aviv, Amman

The countries we operate in: England, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Finland, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Jordan and Middle East


European Deposition Services

European Deposition Services established in London in 1992 is Europe’s leading provider of Court Reporters and Certified Legal Videographers to the US Legal Industry.

First Class professionals with leading edge technology solutions for cases disputed in multiple countries where service can be logistically difficult.

Our highly skilled deposition and trial reporters deliver accurate transcripts using state-of-the-art transcription methods including interactive realtime, instant rough drafts and daily copy. We also offer NCRA Certified Legal Video Specialists, Video/Text Synchronization of Transcripts, Realtime Transcript and Video streaming over the internet.

Each court reporter must present impeccable credentials to be considered as a reporter for European Deposition Services.  Proven court reporters must adhere to our rigorous standards of ethics, performance and professionalism.

Transcripts may be delivered in hard copy, synchronized with video, E-transcript or ASCII format for ease of importation into a variety of litigation support software programs such as Summation or Livenote.

We provide experienced legal videographers specialising in US depositions and witness evidence as well as audio and video streaming over the internet.

We can cover a deposition either with attorneys present or on the other side of the world by telephone or video link.

We shoot on NTSC (US Format), PAL (European format) or DVCAM and using tie clip microphones.  Proceedings are strictly following the NCRA protocols and code of ethic

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